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My Five Basic Diet Tips! | A Model Recommends

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Published on August 28, 2016

Please be aware that this is NOT a video about dieting or fad diets – it’s about healthy eating and healthy attitudes towards food.
Ruth x

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This video is pretty much common sense and scientific fact. There’s nothing controversial about it whatsoever, so please look elsewhere if you want to engage in debate about weight, size, models etc etc. I have been a fashion model for nearly twelve years and have always been a healthy size. I don’t follow any weird or wonderful diets, I just try to eat well and sensibly.
This is NOT the video for you if you’re looking for crazy diets or tips on how to be unhealthily skinny – that’s not what I’m about. If, however, you just want to eat more healthily and get in shape then perhaps this might be of some use. I hope so! Thanks for taking this information on board – I feel I have a responsibility to make these things clear in this time of sensationalist media that takes everything out of context and makes it into an issue!

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