How Much Water To Drink To Lose Weight? [HD]

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Published on August 28, 2016

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When you look at people who lose weight easily and have great bods, the amount of water they drink is a key factor. You’ll be amazed at the benefits that drinking the correct amount of water can bring.
Studies show that almost half of the population drinks less water than the daily requirement, leading people to a permanent state of dehydration. So, let’s begin by reviewing the negative effects of drinking less water than you need – starting with the ones that are preventing you from losing weight and are making you store fat more easily.
9 Devastating Effects of Drinking Too Little Water:
1. Headache.
2. Stomach ache and acidity.
3. Toxin accumulation.
4. Constipation.
5. Increased appetite: The body tends to boost appetite as a sign of dehydration, making it very hard to follow a diet properly.
6. Difficulty to turn carbohydrates into energy: In order to metabolize 1 gram of carbohydrates, 3 grams of water are needed; otherwise, carbs easily get stored as body fat.
7. Increased risk of fluid retention: Due to lack of water, your body retains and stores as much as it can from the little water you give it. The result is a flaccid appearance and weight gain.
8. Stalled weight loss and fat burn: Water plays an essential role in fat metabolism. When the body systems are working properly, the liver transforms stored body fat into energy. But when in a dehydrated state, it’s more difficult for the kidneys to cleanse the blood. The liver stops burning fat to help the kidneys do their job.
9. Slowed down metabolism: As the digestive system is unable to carry out its processes correctly, the capacity to burn calories is drastically reduced in consequence. Under these circumstances, weight loss is almost impossible, regardless the amount of exercise you do.
I think that now that you know these 9 negative effects, you have an advantage over people who are unaware of this information. Now you know why people who drink enough water burn fat and lose weight more easily than those who don’t.
But, what is the correct water intake to lose weight and keep my body burning fat?
I recommend starting with a minimum of 8 glasses a day, however, the correct amount of water you should take will increase depending on how overweight you are. Use the following indicator as a rule of thumb:
If your urine is not transparent, you need to drink more water. The sole exception to this rule is when you first get up in the morning, because urine concentrates overnight.
Generally, the optimal amount of water needed varies roughly between a gallon and a gallon and a half, daily.
Drink one or two glasses before every meal, and carry a gallon jug with you whenever you work out or leave your home.
Another important thing to take into account is to get mineral or bottled water if the tap water in your area is not safe enough to drink. Another option is to purchase a purifying system.
Avoid drinking artificial juice, sodas and other sugary drinks. They are loaded with preservatives and calories, but don’t provide any nutrients. They will not only make you put on fat, but their side effects also damage your body. Remember that the cleaner you keep it, the easier it will be for your body to lose weight.
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